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You've tried challenging, spinning, solutioning, sanding…

and while you've probably learned a thing or two in each of them, you didn't achieve the edge you need to truly stand out in the market and you didn't walk away with the repeatable, applicable sales skills you need to ride the top of the monthly sales reports so here you are.  We get it, we work with a lot of clients just like you!

It's time for a more effective,

buyer-centric, science base approach! 

Trust = Persuasion


There is a step by step process the mind goes through when asking “can I trust this person”. We show you that exact process (HINT: The sale is actually made here)

Stop the Madness

Let’s find out what you’re doing right

What you’re doing wrong and what needs to change in order to win more RIGHT NOW.  We'll uncover how you sell, how other people buy, and how to position yourself to win early and often.


Sales Get Easier

There’s a secret killer to your closing ratio.  It’s called cognitive dissonance. Buyers accept or reject key areas of your presentation based on their predisposed beliefs. The answer to this problem is in your ability to influence EARLY how the buyer thinks


Stop Trying to Close

The closing techniques you’re using feel awkward, combative, and lame.  You know it and they know it too. Master our 3 phase approach to uncover objections much earlier so you have more control over the outcome at the end.

Most of our clients PAY US very well not to work with their competition...


Corporations and businesses are all looking for organic growth, to increase market share, effectively deal with low price competitors, increase closing averages, and retain top talent (SAP study shows that cost of losing your top sales person is 700K).  The key is to do all this within a process that can be repeated and held accountable from the any position of the sales organization. 

The Sales Funnel® can help you achieve these goals.


Learn to overcome objections earlier in your conversations.  No is hard to hear but hearing no when you know you could have prevented it... that's just unacceptable.  If you're tired of hearing no and multi-figure deals slipping through your hands, this course is for you. 


Competition is healthy and good competition pushes you to strive for greatness but isn't it time you stop striving and start dominating?  What stands between you and your success is a systematic approach to sales conversations and when you know the process, you will know domination in your market. 


Winning is always more fun than losing but winning is more than just winning the deal.  In this course, we'll cover the root of all success in life and what it means to win inside the conference room and in your mindset that determine success in every area of your life. 

Meet Your Instructor

SalesFunnel® is taught by the leading sales mentor in the industry

Ray Leone is the author of Secrets of the Sales Funnel  and the President of the Leone Resource Group and SSS Publishing.  Ray has trained teams in internationally in hundreds of industries. 

Science-Based Selling

Ray combines his scientific background with practical field experience to develop his trademark selling program, the Sales Funnel®. Ray’s system is taught in 50 countries through licensees as well as by Ray himself. Thousands of sales masters around the world have been "Funneled."

Respected & Recognized

He was cited by Selling Power Live as an icon of sales. Target Training International honored Ray with its Presidents Award for his contributions to human development. Corporations that have retained Ray as a consultant remain market leaders and have continued as clients year after year for the past two decades.

"Should be mandantory for all salespeople.”

Tangela Gibson

A/C The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Here's What They Have To Say from Personal Experience...

Tom Metz


Mitchel Madison Corporation

Sales Funnel® January Training

Kurt Kimball

VP of North American Sales

Compass Group

Bob Lauter


Natural Spas

"Our closing average went from 14% to over 70% using the Sales Funnel Training program. We've sold $2B worth of new business- that speaks for itself."

Kurt Kimball

Executive Vice President, Sales Compass Group North America

Maximize Your Sales Funnel

Learn the secrets your competition doesn't want you to know

from the leading authority in science-based selling and

a master at getting to yes faster and more consistently.

  • Group Calls With Ray

    Hop on a weekly group call with Ray for additional insights, guidance and accountability.  Ask the questions you need to ask to master the art of selling.

  • Immediate Access

    Your user ID to the program will be generated and emailed to you within moments of enrolling.  That way, you can start closing more quickly and more consistently.

  • All Device Access

    Access your lessons and exercises from any device. For use at home or on the go. Includes desktop, tablet and mobile device. Mac, PC, iOS and Android. 

  • Convenient Learning

    Learn at your pace on your schedule with our convenient recorded videos and interactive exercises.  With lifetime access,  you can access these invaluable insights 24/7 any time you need a refresher.



Our action based guarantee provides you with the assurances you need to know that when you work with these principles and apply them, they work for you.  If you take massive action on the lessons Ray teaches you in this course, and you don't have results within the first 30 days, Ray will hop on a call with you to help you diagnose what's going on. 

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Sales Funnel® University is an online sales curriculum created by the Leone Resource Group. We help sales professionals and their managers learn proven, scientifically based sales methodologies so they can effectively improve their sales performance using the tools, mindsets and resources we offer so they can become a top performing producer. 




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