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Sales Funnel

After going through our sales diagnostic with a Sales Funnel team member, we will also discuss how to:

Penetrate an account horizontally and vertically to grow and solidify business

·                    Increase account retention

·                    Counteract aggressive sourcing, the greatest threat to value selling

  • Sell to the O’s
  • Get the client to provide you with a roadmap to the sale
  • Neutralize enemies and leverage champions
  • Identify the must win issue

·                    Use the tool that virtually guarantees success

·                    Stay motivated, especially after a setback

·                    Be more productive in daily activities (time management)

·                    Separate lookers from buyers

·                    Be consistently successful

·                    Become the emotional twin of the prospect for instant rapport

·                    Formulate power questions that sell

·                    Use the five-step process that converts objections into sales

·                    Move to the next level regardless of your starting point

·                    Reduce call reluctance (fear of the phone)

·                    Double the effectiveness of your presentation immediately

·                    Use the system that takes the mystery out of selling

·                    Make the sale before you leave the office

·                    Welcome objections as opportunities to close

·                    Program your attitude for success

·                    Determine the buying strategy by asking one question

·                    Ask questions that eliminate the need for pressure closes

·                    Learn the secrets of super-achievers

·                    Create a compelling need for your services

·                    Sell to committees

·                    Use the secrets of professional speakers to power up your presentation skills

Training format:

We will use success compression to maximize the return on your training dollar.
The course is normally 3 days but can be adjusted to your time constraints.

Prior to the course, we survey a cross-section of attendees for their input. We then customize the program to address the specific challenges facing your sales team.
Go to the testimonials page for comments from attendees of this course.


Corporate training seminars are now taught around the world by Ray, Tony and other officially-licensed Sales Funnel® coaches; Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike have reaped the benefits of the dynamic Sales Funnel® system. If you think your company could benefit from increased sales and margins, contact us today to be connected with an officially-licensed program in your country.



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