Ray’s Rules

Ray’s Rules offers a glimpse into what has helped Ray become one of the most successful professionals in the world. Culled from the triumphs (and of course, some failures) of thousands of deals a year, and the fruits of collaboration with premiere businesses, Ray’s Rules gives personal and professional insight, tips, and rules to help you improve your sales process.

Powerful Presentations

Almost every one of Ray’s Rules are about the Research Phase of the Sales Funnel® because it is the most important phase. The presentation can lose the deal but not win it. The presentation should be to confirm what was … Continue reading

Business Model Analogy

Always try to use your prospect’s business model to explain the value of your product/service. If I am talking to a prospect that is a Six Sigma company and they are trying to get my price down, I use the … Continue reading

The Winner’s Mindset

What do Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and Earl Nightingale, have in common other than being dead? They all believed in the power of positive thinking, which is something in short supply these days. Continue reading

Never Sign a Contract that will Make You Angry to Fulfill

I had a client that complained that he made no profit on his biggest customer. Then why do it? How many of you have a customer that you wish you did not have? I ask that question in every sales course I teach and every hand goes up. Continue reading

Never Ask a Question for Which You Are Not Prepared for the Answer

Selling is like a chess match. You must think ahead. You must predict what may happen, including what you do not want to happen. Continue reading

Unemotional Analysis

I received a call the other day from a client that told me he was about to enter a meeting with a very important prospect and he was a little apprehensive about his strategy. After he explained to me what … Continue reading

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