Ray’s Rules

Ray’s Rules offers a glimpse into what has helped Ray become one of the most successful professionals in the world. Culled from the triumphs (and of course, some failures) of thousands of deals a year, and the fruits of collaboration with premiere businesses, Ray’s Rules gives personal and professional insight, tips, and rules to help you improve your sales process.

Cinch By The Inch

The term, “cinch by the inch” generally refers to a difficult task. If you do a little at a time the task is more manageable. That saying popped into my head one morning as I was walking along the beach … Continue reading

Scarcity Sells

How can there be scarcity when the economy is in the dumps? Scarcity does not have to only refer to supply, but can also apply to opportunities. If people think they may miss an opportunity, they will act. I have … Continue reading

Create Your Reality

I was speaking to a financial society recently and was asked how I handled setbacks during my career. It was a great question and I thought that some of you might benefit from my response. I was with RCA 35 … Continue reading

Comparison vs. Desire Selling

Which type of selling do you do most? Comparison selling or desire selling? Most salespeople have not considered the difference and others still do not even know what I am talking about. If you are not very good at desire … Continue reading

Secrets of Today’s Sales Stars

I have just completed a 360 assessment for one of my clients which required me to interview almost 100 salespeople. I was struck by the number of them that were on a “personal best” pace. Many told me that they … Continue reading

Wherever You Are, Be There

I was reading an article this morning by John Maxwell, one of my favorite authors, and in it he referred to a story about John Wooden the great basketball coach. Wooden was talking to a player that was not all … Continue reading

Rererrals – The Salesmaster’s Ace in the Hole

Pardon the reference to poker, but I am working on my skills getting ready for my foray into the 09 World Series Of Poker, but I digress. We all know that referrals are worth their weight in gold, but how … Continue reading

The WITY – What’s Important To You

I can’t believe this, but I have not done a Ray’s Rule on the WITY. It is the single most powerful tool I have ever developed. Most of you have been to one of my seminars or have read my … Continue reading

Fail Your Way to Success

I do a speech called, “Fail Your Way to Success” and my opening line is, “What failure brought you to this place at this time?” My definition of failure includes any setback, caused by you on not. Failure is not … Continue reading

Revisiting Move Toward/Away

In an earlier edition of Ray’s Rules, I discussed Move Toward/Move Away as it relates to human behavior. I said that everyone is motivated by desire for pleasure or avoidance of pain. I also said that pain avoidance was a … Continue reading

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