Ray’s Rules

Ray’s Rules offers a glimpse into what has helped Ray become one of the most successful professionals in the world. Culled from the triumphs (and of course, some failures) of thousands of deals a year, and the fruits of collaboration with premiere businesses, Ray’s Rules gives personal and professional insight, tips, and rules to help you improve your sales process.

The RR Factor

Do you have the RR factor? RR is short for Rubber Rear. The higher your RR factor, the quicker you rebound from setbacks. It is one of the most important traits of a salesmaster. We all lose deals. The question … Continue reading

What Ratios are You Going to Improve This Year?

Resting on your laurels is not an option in sales. In many professions, one big idea can carry someone for a career. In entertainment, a single hit record can make you famous. But in sales you must prove yourself every … Continue reading

Sometimes the Economic Buyer is not the Best Person to Call

Most sales pros, including yours truly, are constantly telling salespeople to try to initiate contact with the economic buyer. However, sometimes it is better to initiate contact with someone at a lower level. The person that owns the problem, that … Continue reading

Don’t Ignore the Elephant in the Room

The majority of my time is not speaking in front of an audience. It is working on strategies to help my clients win business. I probably work on a hundred pursuits a year. That number of deals provides me with … Continue reading

Count Your Blessings

Please indulge me. This Ray’s Rule is going to be very different than any other. I had an incredible experience Saturday on my way home from London. I was able to catch an early flight so I was not supposed … Continue reading

Audible Ready

Don Shula, Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, the undefeated Super bowl football team, says that to consistently win you must be Audible Ready. What he means is that you must be prepared for every eventuality. In football, it means … Continue reading


Most salespeople make presentations extolling all the reasons why their product is better than their competitor’s products. Then they ask the prospect to buy. Sometimes it works and sometimes the prospect does not agree with one of the reasons to … Continue reading

Only Present to Those that Agree to Buy First

Would your closing average go up if you only presented to those that agree to buy before you presented? Of course! So why don’t you do it? Sound crazy? It wont once you understand the Sales Funnel® process. In the … Continue reading

Primary Motivator in Today’s Economy

What is the primary motivator for most buyers in today’s economy? Is it getting the best solution for their company? Is it getting the lowest price? No, it is least risk to their career! Their primary thought is, “Will this … Continue reading

Think Formulas

Many attendees of my training classes are amazed at how I come up with such quick responses to problems they throw at me. There is a secret. It is formulas. I have a number of formulas I use to solve … Continue reading

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