Ray’s Rules

Ray’s Rules offers a glimpse into what has helped Ray become one of the most successful professionals in the world. Culled from the triumphs (and of course, some failures) of thousands of deals a year, and the fruits of collaboration with premiere businesses, Ray’s Rules gives personal and professional insight, tips, and rules to help you improve your sales process.

No Puking!

When we refer to the Research Phase in our sales process we are referring to your initial sales calls.  Possibly your first 1 or 2 meetings with the prospect.  If you’re having trouble “closing” you are most likely making big … Continue reading

*FISHBONE* A Ray’s Rule for our B2B sales people.

This weeks Ray’s Rule is for those of you in the B2B world.  As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!  Click here FISHBONE to watch the video.   Tweet

Conditional Concessions

Here is the latest segment from Ray’s Rules for Sales Success.  Click HERE>> Conditional Concessions Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. ALSO, we have launched our new Sales Funnel Online University.  Click here for more info: http://salesfunnelu.advantagelibrary.com     … Continue reading

Pull The Trigger!

Ray’s Rules Pull The Trigger Recently, I have made two mistakes that have cost me dearly and I want to share with you my pain, in hopes that you can avoid a similar fate. I was in a big poker … Continue reading

What is your EQ?

What is your EQ? Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Have you ever wondered why someone that you hired that had all the attributes for success, failed to do the job? Have you ever … Continue reading

Stop chasing RFP’s

If the prospect defines the problem, then low bid is the only way to win. Stop chasing deals you can’t win. The word BID stands for Be In Doubt about quality. Low bid almost always assures lowest quality. When the … Continue reading

Commission Breath Prompts Prospects To Nibble

This RR discusses how commission breath impacts the final terms of an agreement. I wrote a previous RR on commission breath and how it affects your ability to sell. For reference, it is reprinted at the end of this rule. … Continue reading


Often, when salespeople want to accelerate the process, they tend to skip steps to arrive at the outcome sooner. However, more often than not, skipping steps in the Sales Funnel®, tend to increase the length of time for the result. … Continue reading

The BowFlex Theory

If you’re sitting at your desk or office wondering why sales aren’t up it might be time to start doing something and you will see some results. But if you’re looking to be the industry/market leader it might be time for a personal SALES TRAINER. Continue reading

Differentiate or Die

How do you really differentiate yourself from your competitors? There are normally three types of competitors in a market. They are: The big solid national/global company. The small regional company with a good reputation. The small cheap competitor. There may … Continue reading