Ray Leone Sales Funnel Reviews

“Our closing average went from 14% to over 70% using The Sales Funnel training program”

-Kurt Kimball, Executive Vice President, Sales Compass Group North America

Are you looking to:

  • Increase organic growth
  • Stop making mistakes in hiring
  • Effectively deal with aggressive sourcing reverse auctions
  • Improve your engagement index
  • Begin or sell more globally
  • Differentiate yourself and win in the RFP process
  • Win against low price competitors
  • Increase account retention
  • Improve employee retention and recruiting





Corporations and businesses are all looking for organic growth, to increase market share, effectively deal with low price competitors, increase closing averages, and retain top talent (SAP study shows that cost of losing your top sales person is 700K).  The key is to do all this within a process that can be repeated and held accountable from the any position of the sales organization.  The Sales Funnel can help you achieve these goals.  Click here to learn more…

Look Who’s using the Sales Funnel:

Fortune 500 Companies and Institutions using Sales Funnel

And many, many others! Visit our testimonials page to read more amazing Sales Funnel® experiences.

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